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Computer Science and Engineering


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Computer Science and Engineering



International and National (18 Years)

Book Authored

Book authored

Examination Coordinator (18/12/2013 – 19/08/2014) CSE, SLIET, Longowal.
Hostel Warden (02/07/2012 – 26/08/2013), B.H-6, SLIET, Longowal.
In-Charge (26/03/2013 – 17/11/2016), Computer Repair and Maintenance Lab. SLIET,

In-Charge (24/09/2014 – Present), Microprocessor Lab. SLIET, Longowal.

In-Charge (24/09/2014 – 2018), Emerging Technology Lab. SLIET, Longowal.
Member (13/11/2015 – Present), Central Library Committee, SLIET, Longowal.
CSE Departmental Placement Coordinator (01/10/2015 – Sep. 2016), SLIET, Longowal.
Course Counsellor
GATE Coordinator, CSE, 2018- Present
Editor, ANSHUMAT, Newsletter, CSE Deptt. 2018- Present
Member, Senate, SLIET, Longowal (21/12/2018 – 20/12/2020)
CSE, Member, Department Upkeep Committee (12/05/2014 – 09/05/2016) (10/05/2016 – 02/02/2019) (03/09/2019 – Present)
CSE, Member, Project Coordinator (12/05/204 – 09/05/2016)
CSE, Member, Training In-charge, ICD, (12/05/204 – 09/05/2016)
CSE, Member Curriculum Revision Committee (10/05/2016 – 02/09/2019)
CSE, Member, Department Placement Committee (10/05/2016 – 02/09/2019)
Faculty Placement Coordinator, CSE, SLIET, Longowal. (2018 – 14/03/2021)
Convener, CSE Department,  Website Updation Committee, (03/09/2019 – Present)
Nodal Officer, I-STEM, (Indian Science Technology and Engineering Facilities Map), SLIET, Longowal. (15/01/2020 – Present)



INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE (Affiliations / Collaborations )

University of Surrey, Guildford, ENGLAND, U.K.

Athens University of Applied Sciences, Athens. GREECE

University of West Attica, Athens, GREECE

University of Nottingham, MALAYSIA



Countries VISITED



London, Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM (UK)

Tokyo, JAPAN

Venice, ITALY

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Athens, GREECE

Professional Memebership

Professional Membership

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No. of weeks (1/2/3)

Sponsoring Agency


FDP for Student Induction

SLIET, Longowal

15-17 Nov.2019

3 Days



Adhoc Network and Cloud Computing

SLIET, Longowal

13 Jan. – 17 Jan. 2016

1 Week

SLIET, Longowal


Soft Computing, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

SLIET, Longowal

27 September  – 1 October,  2016

1 Week

SLIET, Longowal


Recent Advances in Computational Techniques in Engineering

SLIET, Longowal

October 17 – 21, 2016

1 Week

SLIET, Longowal


Winter School
Future Trends of Broadcast Wireless Communication and Networking

SLIET, Longowal

09 Dec. – 20 Dec. 2013

2 Weeks

SLIET, Longowal


Future of Communication Systems

SLIET, Longowal

30 Aug.2013 – 03 Sep. 2013.

1 Week

SLIET, Longowal


Wireless and Wi-Max Issues: Present Scenario

SLIET, Longowal

05 July – 16 July 2010.

2 Weeks

SLIET, Longowal


High Performance Computing

SLIET, Longowal

29 June – 10 July 2009

2 Weeks

SLIET, Longowal





Session’s BEST PAPER AWARD by President International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS), ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA.18 July 2014.


International Conference, VENICE, ITALY.

International Multi-Conference Orlando, FLORIDA, USA.



RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS in Clarivate Analytics / SCI Indexed Thomson Reuters 

Journals of IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, Hindawi etc.



J1.  Vinod Kumar Verma S. Sharma, “Investigations on Information Solicitation and Version Number Attacks in Internet of Things,” in IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 3204-3211, 1 Feb.1, 2023, ISSN- 1530-437X doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2022.3225745.

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J2.Vinod Kumar Verma, A. Sharma, K. Ntalianis and K. Verma, “Catenarian-Trim Medley Routing System for Energy Balancing in Dispensed Computing Networks,” in IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, vol. 9, no. 6, pp. 3922-3933, 1 Nov.-Dec. 2022, ISSN – 2334-329X, doi: 10.1109/TNSE.2021.3140139

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J3. C. -K. Tsung, J. -C. Liu, S. -H. Liu, Vinod Kumar Verma and C. -T. Yang, “Performance Analysis in HyperFlex and vSAN Hyper Convergence Platforms for Online Course Consideration,” in IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 124464-124474, 2022, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3224435.

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J4. Ali El Ksimi, Cherkaoui Leghris, Samira Lafraxo & Vinod Kumar Verma (2023): ICMPv6-based DDoS Flooding-Attack Detection Using Machine and Deep Learning Techniques, IETE Journal of Research, UK May 2023.  DOI: 10.1080/03772063.2023.2208549

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Internet of Things,  Trust and Reputation Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, Digital Transparency and Open Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Software Systems, Image Processing,

Prospective PhD Students
Looking for students technically strong in Computer Science and Mathematics interested in the areas namely: Wireless Networks, Trust and Reputation Systems, Distributing Computing, Software Systems, Internet of Things, Big Data, Pervasive Computing, Image Processing and related fields. Prospective students must also possess excellent programming and communication skills. Please contact me if you are one of them.

Also, you can contact me if you have an innovative problem.



Mr. Dui Van Pham, Institute of Material Science, VIETNAM 



Ph.D. Students
1. Saurabh Sharma, Performance Investigations on Security Aspects of Internet of Things –AWARDED

2. Manpreet Kaur, Towards Trust Management Mechanisms for Internet of Things : On-going

M. Tech. Students – 7 (Awarded)

M. Tech. Degree Awarded
1.      Pooja Gautam, Investigations on Autoscaling and Load balancing Aspects for Cloud Based Systems, 2021
2.      Meenu Yadev, Gender Classification on Speech over Voice Samples in Machine Learning Systems, 2019
3.      Anupam Sharma, Performance Investigations on Chain Based Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2018
4.      Ankit Sharma, Workload prediction based investigations over Pattern aspect  for cloud systems, 2017
5.      Umabharti Rawat, Pervasive Explorations of Routing Protocols in Distributed Wireless  Sensor Networks, 2016
6.      Kulbir Nigah, Enhancing Adhoc Wireless Network with Scalability, 2011
7.      Narinder Singh, Energy Efficiency First Fit Wavelength Assignment algo. in  Network Topologies, 2011