Area of Specilization

Name and Designation of Faculty
Few Major Thrust areas of Research
Dr. Birmohan Singh, Professor
Medical Image and Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Cryptography
Dr. Manoj Sachan, Professor
Artificial Intelligence, AI Machine Learning NLP, Pattern Recognition
Dr. Damanpreet Singh, Professor
Optimization Techniques
Dr. Major Singh Goraya, Professor
Cloud Computing
Dr. Gurjinder Kaur, Associate Professor
Adhoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. Manminder Singh, Assistant Professor
Digital Image Processing, Bio-metrics, Machine Learning
Dr. Vinod Kumar Verma, Assistant Professor
Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Trust & Reputation System, Software System
Mr. Jaspal Singh, Assistant Professor
Cloud Computing
Ms. Preetpal Kaur Buttar, Assistant Professor
Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Rahul Gautam, Assistant Professor
Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Jagdeep Singh, Assistant Professor
Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security
Dr. Tajinder Singh, Assistant Professor
Machine Learning, Text Analytics,  Online Social Text Stream Analysis and E-Commerce
Dr. Amar Nath, Assistant Professor
Multi-robot systems, AI, IOT, VAVs
Dr. Utkarsh, Assistant Professor
Modeling Complex System, Agent based modeling, epidemiology (Human & Computer) Agricultural Epidemology.