Networking Lab

Lab Incharge: Dr. Damanpreet Singh

Lab Technician : Mr. Vipan Kusla

Max. Batch Engagement Weekly hours required as per curriculum
30 14


This lab helps to explain the importance of data communications and the Internet in supporting business communications and daily activities. Also explains how communication works in data networks and Internet. This lab helps to recognize the different internetworking devices and their functions and also explain the role of protocols in networking. Main objective of this lab is to implement different topologies like bus, ring, star, mesh.

Capabilities of the Lab

The Programming Lab is used to work with following applications:

Working on various LAN Topologies such as Star, Ring, Bus, Token Bus, Token Ring using LAN Trainer Kit (Wired and Wireless)

Working and Configuring of Wireless Access Point

Packet Tracer

Working on various Protocols like AODV, DSR, DSDV, Bellman ford etc. using Qualnet Software

Working on Wireless Sensor Network Kit.

List of Software

  • MS Office
  • C/ C++
  • Qualnet 5.0.2
  • Packet Tracer

List of Hardware

  • Workstation – 02
  • PC – 40
  • Laserjet Printer – 01
  • Lan Trainer Kit  – 04
  • Multimedia Projector – 01
  • Network Switch – 02
  • UPS 6 KVA – 02
  • Wireless Access Point  – 01