Advance Information Technology (AIT) Lab


Lab Incharge  : Mr. Jaspal Singh

Lab Technician : Mohinder Pal

Max. Batch Engagement Weekly hours required as per curriculum
30 28


The main objective of the lab is to provide the students with knowledge of windows environment and to develop applications for windows platform. Moreover the objective of this lab is to teach students various data structures and to explain them algorithms for performing various operations on these data structures. Another important objective of the lab is to impart knowledge on graphics applications and also to work with web programming.

Capabilities of the Lab

The AIT Lab is used to work with following applications :

Database applications using Client Sever model.

Graphical Applications.

Web designing Applications.

Applications involving Windows Programming using Visual Studio tools.

Developing applications in C/C++.

List of Software

  • Visual Studio
  • C++
  • Oracle
  • Open License Software like XAMPP, PHP/MYSQL, Subline etc.

List of Hardware

  • Dell Core i7 – 30 pc
  • HP Workstation 420 – 01
  • HP Laserjet Printer – 01
  • Network Switch – 01
  • UPS 6 KVA – 02