Software Engineering and Programming Lab

Lab Incharge : Dr. Manminder Singh

Lab Technician : Mr. Jagmohan Singh Mundey

Max. Batch Engagement Weekly hours required as per curriculum
30+30 30+30

This lab helps to understand theories, methods and technologies applied for professional software development. Moreover the students understand the process to be followed in the software development life cycle. Another important objective of the lab is to impart knowledge on graphic applications and also to work with Numerical Analysis. This lab also helps to understand the various steps in designing a creative and dynamic website. The nature of programming language is emphasized in the wide variety of examples and applications. This lab enables the students to learn and acquire art of computer programming and to know about some popular programming languages and how to choose programming languages for solving problems.

Capabilities of the Lab

  • The Software Engineering Lab is used to work with following applications :
  • Graphical Applications.
  • Web Desiging Applications.
  • Developing applications in C/C++.
  • Data Structures handled in C/C++.
  • Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis.
  • Simulating and Modeling of an system.
  • Solving various AI problems using C/C++

List of Software

  • Oracle
  • MS Office
  • Visual Studio
  • C/ C++
  • Open License Software like Xampp, Java, PHP/Mysql etc.

List of Hardware

  • PC – 71
  • Workstation – 01
  • Laser jet Printer – 01
  • Scanner – 01
  • Multimedia Projector – 01
  • Network Switch – 04
  • UPS 6 KVA  – 04