Support Service to Institute

CRM (Computer Repair & Maintenance) LAB

  • CRM Lab is a computer Systems repair facility provided by the CSE department to all the departments and sections of the institute.
  • Repair work like PC formatting, and minor hardware repair works are done in CRM Lab, and major hardware problems like hardware failure is recognized and reported for repair.
  • Statistics of recent years is given as follows:


Year Request received through CRM Performa Repair work done in CRM Lab Problem identified and reported for repair from outside
2019 75 34 41
2020 65 27 38
2021 20 17 3
2022 28 18 10
2023 22 14 8





  • Rahul Gautam, A.P., CSE (Faculty In-charge)
  • Gurmukh Singh, Sr. Tech. (Technician In-charge)
  • Devinder Singh, Technician(Cont.)




ACSS Section

– Campus LAN

– Internet Bandwidth

– Institute Website

Department of CSE assists in procurement and maintenance of IT infrastructure of SLIET campus.