MOU Signed Between SLIET & Threat Landscape Cyber Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Subject : Industry Institute MOU Between SLIET & Threat Landscape Cyber Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Bangalore  signed on dated: 23/03/2018

Objective: The main goal of this MOU is to reduce the industry gap and will provide the opportunities to SLIET students to work on the live projects in Cyber Security field.

List of Projects:  Following is the list of projects.

  1. Wazuh Ruleset for security monitoring
  2. Service Configuration
  3. Aggregation and parsing Threat Intel feeds
  4. Microservices dockerization
  5. Security monitoring with ELK stack
  6. Threat detection model testing
  7. Training on Python and Network security


List of Enrolled & Placed Students: Total 9 students were involved with Threat LandScape in different projects and out of these, 3 students got placed by the company Threat LandScape. The list is as shown below:

Sr. No. Name Batch Placement
1. Satya Tekmundi GCS2014
2. Nooral Hassan GCS2014
3. Puneet Singh GME2014 Yes
4. Aakash Chaurasia GCS2015
5. Brajneesh Kumar GCS2015 Yes
6. Eakamveer GCS2016 Yes
7. Ravi Poonia GCS2016
8. Saumya Tayagi GCS2016
9. Mohit Goyal GCS2017