Linux Lab


Lab Incharge: Dr. Manoj Kumar Sachan

Lab Attendent : Mr. Ram Karan

Max. Batch Engagement Weekly hours required as per curriculum
30 28


The objective of this lab is to introduce the students to LINUX kernel programming techniques and also the advanced C systems programming and debugging techniques in a LINUX environment. In this lab students are able to describe and use the fundamental LINUX system tools and utilities. Problems in the field of networking, data structures and system software can be easily built on Linux platform because of the various inbuilt system calls available in Linux. Thus the main objective of the Linux lab is to make the students aware of the features and capabilities of Linux so that they can utilize its improved functionalities to develop new Linux based software and can also contribute to the development of the operating system itself.

 Capabilities of the Lab

The LINUX Lab is used to work with following applications :

Develop programs for implementing Data Structures for the Data Structures Lab

Develop Network Programs

Develop System Software Programs

Develop Programs for Numerical Methods using C/C++

Developing applications for C/C++/Java for Linux

Work on Kernel Programming

List of Software

  • LINUX O.S.
  • C/C++ for Linux
  • Java for Linux

List of Hardware

  • PC – 40
  • Workstation – 01
  • Laser jet Printer – 01
  • Network Switch – 02
  • Multimedia Projector – 01
  • UPS 6 KVA – 02