Tutor Guardian Scheme


SLIET Longowal has introduced this scheme to have one to one interaction with students. For a batch of about fifteen students, a teacher is assigned the role of Teacher-Guardian. Teacher Guardian works as a friend, philosopher and guide for these students. He keeps the track of every student’s day-to-day activities and records daily attendance, test results, internal assessment, prelim examination results and other related information of students in a teacher guardian book. He encourages the students to participate in co -curricular & extracurricular activities He gives academic feedback to the parents/guardians regularly. He also counsels the students to solve difficulties encountered not only in college campus but in their personal lives too. Teacher guardian acts as a mentor to students and offers them emotional and academic support along with motivation. The teachers of the institution take up the responsibility of safeguarding and nurturing the newly admitted students. The teachers act as a buffer for the first year students and help them to get acclimatized to SLIET environment. This scheme, which is perhaps the only one of its kind, guarantees additional assurance to the new comers and takes some burden off the parents and lessens their anxiety. The students are free to contact the counseling service with a wide range of worries, including personal, home and family relationships, depression, anxiety and loneliness. The scheme for TGS is implemented through ERP mode.


  • To acclimatize the new students to the campus life in SLIET, Longowal
  • To provide academic counseling
  • To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct
  • To ease the trauma of transfer to a new place
  • To communicate with the ward’s parents
  • Providing emotional support to students on individual basis.
  • Helping students overcome home sickness.
  • Establishing rapport between teachers, student & parents.
  • Monitoring attendance and behavioral aspects of every student.
  • Identifying weak areas and working out remedies helping students thereby taking their complete care.



  • One teacher is nominated as ‘Teacher Guardian’ for fifteen students.
  • Teacher Guardian maintains all records of students in formats provided.
  • Teacher Guardian does all the follow up regarding attendance of students under his supervision.
  • Teacher guardian monitors academic performance of students.
  • If student remains absent for continuous three lectures, then teacher guardian sends note to all concerned teachers to stop the practical of that student.
  • Teacher guardian sends letters regarding performance and attendance to parents every month.
  • Poor performance of students is improved by way of counseling.
  • If required teacher guardian calls the parents on phone on the basis of weekly monitoring.
  • Teacher guardian does counseling about studies.
  • Teacher guardian tries to solve the domestic problems of students.


Student Mentor Scheme (SMS)

Many students coming to university will go through a transitional period. They have to adapt to new ways of learning and teaching, as well as living away from home, often for the first time. The Student Mentor (s) is a team of current students, trained to offer you help and support whilst you live in University accommodation. The teams are here to help you as soon as you receive your accommodation offer and throughout the rest of your year in halls.

Note: There’s no problem too big or too small. You should not hesitate to share your problem with your mentor.


The Student Mentors offer support in lots of areas:

  • Mentors can help with academic and non-academic queries or concerns you have, including:
  • helping you settle into student life and orientate the university and city
  • opportunities to meet other students from your course
  • referencing, note taking and what to expect from the course
  • Students’ Union activities, clubs and societies to get involved in
  • using turn-it-in and Learning Central and helping prepare for exams


Mentors offer support, including:

  • insider tips on surviving the first year at university and student life specific to your School
  • ideas on the different opportunities you can get involved in around campus
  • giving relevant, recent and reliable advice that they have been trained to provide
  • answering the questions you really want to ask
  • advice on accessing specialist support services.


For more information about TGS-SMS Scheme and allotted Tutor-Guardian and  mentor-mentee, please click on the following link: Tutor Guardian Scheme