Books and Chapters



Title of the book: “Smart and Secure Internet of Healthcare Things”

Name of the Editors: N. Gupta, Jagdeep Singh, C. Chakraborty, M. Alazab, DT Do

ISBN Number: 9781032145495

Published by: Taylor and Francis,  CRC Press

Year: 2022


Book Chapters:

[1]. Jagdeep Singh, S. K. Dhurandher, V.  Kumar, “Mobility Models in Opportunistic Networks”,  Book Chapter published in the book – Opportunistic Networks: Fundamentals, Applications, and Emerging Trends, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2021.

[2]. Jagdeep Singh, S. K. Dhurandher, I. Woungang, “Geo community-Based Data Forwarding in Social Delay Tolerant Networks”,  Book Chapter published in the book – Advances in Computing, Informatics, Networking and Cybersecurity, Springer-Nature, 2021.

[3]. Deepti Rani , Anju Sangwan , Anupma Sangwan, Tajinder Singh, “Machine  Learning Techniques for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks: A Comprehensive Study”, IGI Global, Energy-Efficient Underwater Wireless Communications and Networking, pp 194-211, 2020.

[4]. Tajinder Singh, Madhu Kumari, “Machine Learning Based Text Mining in Social Media for COVID-19”, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2020.

[5]. Tajinder Singh,Madhu Kumari, Daya Sagar Gupta, Nikolai Siniak, “Axiomatic Analysis of Pre-processing Methodologies using Machine Learning in Text Mining: A Social Media Perspective in the Internet of Things”, Convergence of Cloud with AI for Big Data Analytics: Foundations and Innovation.