Dr. Manoj Sachan

Basic Details


Dr. Manoj Sachan




Computer Science & Engineering


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manojsachan@sliet.ac.in, manojsachan@gmail.com

Educational Details

Educational Qualification

B.Tech(Computer Science) , M.E(Computer Science), Ph.D (Computer Science & Engineering)



As Research Assistant in TCRDC (now TCIRD) , Patiala , 4 months (Jan 1992- April 1992)
As Lecturer in Computer Science and Engineering , TIET (now Thapar Univ ) Patiala , 7.5 years (1992-1999)
As Assistant Professor in Computer Science & Engineering , SLIET Longowal , 7 years (1999-2006)
As Associate Professor in Computer Science & Engineering , SLIET Longowal , 13 years (2006-2019)
As Professor in Computer Science & Engineering , SLIET Longowal  (since 2019 till date)

Professional Memebership

Professional Membership

Life Member , Indian Society for Technical Education

Life Member, Computer Society of India (CSI)




 1. Publications : 40

2- Courses Participated : 11

3.Conferences Organized : 4

5. Int. Conferences Attended : 3

6. FDP/STTP/Workshop organized : 5

5- Invited Lectures and Chairmanships at National or international Conference/ Seminars/Workshops/Courses : 10



Ph.D Guidance
1- Gurpreet Singh, Regular (Awarded)
2- Shailendra Kumar Singh, (Awarded)
3- Rahul Kumar Singh, Part Time (Thesis defended successfully, notified)
4- Arvind Kumar,  Part Time (Research Plan Defended, Ongoing)
5- Sandeep Kaur,  Part Time Time (Research Plan Defended, Ongoing)
6- Preetpal Kaur, Part time (Research Plan Defended, Ongoing)

M. Phil Guidance
1- Ms.Shrija Madhu (Chaudhary Devi Lal Univ , Sirsa)
2- Ms.Puneet Bhardwaj

M.Tech Guidance
1- Shailza Kanwar : Real Word Error Detection and Correction in Hindi Text
2- Himani : Rule based approach for Detection and Normalization of the Temporal Expression in Hindi Text
3- Preeti Sharma : Character Segmentation of Handwritten Hindi Words using Hybrid Approach
4- Syeda Surayya Jabeen : Human Stress Detection Through Handwriting Analysis
5- Hemlata : Detection of Change in the Personality Through Handwriting analysis
6- Jaswinder Singh : Handwriting Analysis for Prediction of Human Stress Level using Rule-Based, Decision Tree and SVM Classifier
7- Ritesh Singh : detection of Change in Personality on the basis of Big Five Traits Through Handwriting Analysis using SVM, ANN and Rule-based Classifier
8- Harsh Raj Singh : Student Stress Detection from Handwriting using Artificial Neural Networks
9- Ashish Guleria : Transfer Representation Learning for Classication of Breast Cancer Histology Images

10-Vidhi Chaudhary : Satellite Imagery Analysis for Road Segmentation using U-Net Architecture

11- Munish Daroch : Extraction of Roads from Satellite Imagery Analysis based on U-Net Semantic Segmentation Architecture